Part Time Jobs in Germany – Work and study in Germany for international students

work and study in germany for international students
Why study in Germany? Study Abroad Europe offers study abroad programs in Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland and other European Countries. Europe is fast growing region for finding study programs in English, even in countries where English is not the local language.

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Being an international student, while pursuing the degree is necessity to work for part time jobs. So in Germany, an international student after staying for 3 months can start going for part times.

In Germany, it is mandatory that a student enrolled for international degree, can work of 120 full days or 240 half days in a year. In some exceptional cases, a student is allowed to work beyond 120 full days and again this depends upon the location. So on an average a student is permitted to wok up to 20 hours per week.

part time english jobs berlin
In the semester break, an international student can enroll for short internships and work for full time, with a prior intimation to the university. The availability of part time jobs is posted on the college notice boards and newspaper. Apart from this, a student can search and apply for part time through internet and various job portals. A student can also attend the job fairs organized and select desired part time jobs.

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On an average a student can earn a minimum of 450 euros per month. So Germany charges no taxes on the amount earned through part time and is limited to 450 euros. An international student can work as a Research Assistants, support staff, servers at café’s, bars, etc. There are few part time jobs such as English language faculty, which cannot be worked beyond 20 hours per week.

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Overall, getting a part time job in Germany is not an issue. The Universities also help in finding the Internships in the summer vacation. The German language proficiency adds a bit flavor in getting the jobs easier. These part time jobs are just to compensate your pocket money in Germany.

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