Why Study in France ?

Why study in France ?

Before going specific to why study in France? Let us know about the country. France is one of the most attractive places in the world and it welcomes millions of tourists every year from all over the world. France is the 2nd largest economy in EU area and 7th largest economy in the world in 2020. French is the official language in France, but don’t worry you don’t need to learn it to study in France, and it is currently 6th most spoken language in the world. Currency used in France is Euro. Its stable economy, Unique infrastructure, Cultural Diversity, Friendly environment, Affordable cost of living and Education for International students, Scholarships and Internships opportunities are the facts which are attracting lakhs of International students to Study in France.

Reasons to study in France:

Why Indian students have to choose France for their higher education?

1 France is the first country to sign a mutual recognition agreement with India

2 There are over 570 French companies operating in India, you can be a part of these companies by having a French degree.

3 Wide range of Scholarships available in France for International students, there are over 500 French scholarships exclusively for Indian students.

4 Courses offered in France are Industry specific and gives you a hands on experience while you study in France through projects and inbuilt internships in French Institutions.

5 Majority of the courses are taught in English, so you can study in France in English.

6 France is 4th most popular study abroad destination and leading destination among Non-English speaking countries.

7 Get an opportunity to learn French which is an Official language of over 30 countries across 5 continents.

Affordable tuition fee as compared to other study abroad destination

9 French government gives accommodation allowance for International students

10 Up to 2 years post study work visa for International students, which allows international students to stay for additional 2 years to seek for a job.

11 International students can work part time in France, 20 hours week during study period and 40 hours per week during vacations and holidays.

12 French is the only country to highly promote higher education for International students.

study in France

Here are some FAQs which clarifies most of your doubts or queries related to study in France;

  1.   Study in France or Study in Germany? Which is good?

Yes, France is better option than Germany, when you want to study course related to management, like MBA, Luxury Brand management, Hotel Management, International business management and Aerospace Engineering etc. There is no better option than France to study Business relates courses or anything related to Management. But you can choose Germany over France if your intended course of study is related to Engineering & Technology.


2 What are the major benefits of choosing France over other EU countries?

  •       France offers affordable education
  •       Get up to 2 years post study work Visa in France
  •       Part time work permit in France for International students
  •       Subsidized accommodation from French Government
  •       Paid Internships as part of curriculum

 3   Is learning French mandatory to study in France?

Yes, as French is the official language in France and it will also be used as working language in most of the places. Language proficiency is not mandatory for the admission, but it might be required at the time when you start searching for Internships or jobs. Hence we do recommend students to have at least basic knowledge of French before going and even they get to learn free of cost during their studies. It will be included in the curriculum in many colleges and schools in France.

  1.   What would be the duration of a Master degree in France?

Students can choose among one year and 2 year master degrees. Depending upon your desired course of study and specialization you get to choose either one year or 2 year master degree.

 5  What are the popular courses in France?

France has unique methodology of training young professionals for Managerial jobs, and it is best place to study Management studies, anything that related to Management for that matter. Some of the popular courses to study in France are MBA, Finance, Accounts, Luxury Brand management, Hotel Management, Fashion, Photography, and Marketing etc.

 6  What would be the average tuition fee in France?

Tuition fee ranges from 8000 EUROs to 16000 EUROs per annum for Master degree course, but on an average 12000 EUROs will be the annual tuition fee in most of the colleges and Schools.

 7 How much is the Cost of Living in France for International Students?

As per the Visa requirement by the Embassy of France average Living expenses for International students in France will be Approximately 620 EUROs per month.

 8  Can International students work part time while studying in France?

Off course yes, International students can work 20 hours part time during studies and 40 hours full time during vacations and holidays.

 9  How long can I stay in France after my studies?

International students can remain for up to 2 years after completing their studies in France. During this period they can search for a suitable job and once they find a job, they can apply for a work visa.

 10 How are job opportunities in France?

France is a hub of opportunities; welcoming lakhs of international students every year with promising employment and career. French companies have huge openings for young professionals from various backgrounds such as IT, Computer Science, Hospitality, Business and Management, Engineering and technology etc.  If you have got all required skills and qualification that employers normally look for, searching a job in France will not be a big deal as thousands of vacancies lying vacant. But if you want to increase your employability our suggestion to students is to learn French at least to the level of managing daily activities and situations. Because though many colleges offer English taught programs and may not urge you to learn or speak French, it is very much essential in your work place as local people or your colleagues may not know or speak English at all.


Popular Courses to Study in France:

Study in France

Cost of Education in France: How much does it cost to study in France?

French Institutions charges reasonable tuition fee compared to other EU destinations and Living expenses are also pretty less compared to other places.

Tuition fee ranges from 5000 Euros to 20000 Euros per annum depending upon the Institution and course you choose to study. Some charge very less, some charge very high based on certain factors. As per the French Embassy average living expenses for International students in France will be 620 Euros per year.

Let us estimate the approx. cost of Education to pursue Masters in France;

Tuition fee per year: Approx. 12000 Euros

Cost of living per year: Approx. 7500 Euros

Total Expenses per year: Approx. 19500 Euros * 85 INR

                                     : Approx. 16,57,500 INR


(-) Less Part time earning/Year: Approx.9,52,000 INR

Net expenses that student has to spend/Year: Approx.7,00,000 INR


How much I can earn from part time job in France? How to calculate part time earning in France?

During Study period (Approx.10 months)

10 months * 4 Weeks * 20 Hours * 10 Euros * 85 INR

= INR 6,80,000

During Vacations (Approx.2 months)

2 months * 4 Weeks * 40 hours * 10 Euros * 85 INR

=INR 2,72,000

Net earnings from part time:

= INR 9,52,000

Popular Job sectors in France:

France is one of the promising destinations for International students in terms of job prospects. And it hosts global companies like AXA, BNP Paribas, Airbus, Saint Gobain, Michelin and L’oreal etc. And not surprisingly there are about more than 600 French companies have their operations in India. Management and hospitality are the sectors which generates maximum employment for young graduates in France. To make it possible to remain in France and search for suitable employment, France gives 2 years Post study work visa for Indian students.

Popular job sectors in France are listed below;

  1. Engineering – Aerospace, Automobile, Electrical Engineering and Embedded systems
  2. Management – Consulting, Service Industry, Marketing, Supply chain and Logistics
  3. Energy Management
  4. Tourism, Hospitality and Luxury Brand Management
  5. Fashion
  6. IT and computer science


Average salaries in France:

Average salaries in France