Study and work in UK for Indian students – Stay Back in UK

study and work in uk for indian students

jobs in uk for indian graduates

graduate jobs for international students in uk

after postgraduate study

student jobs uk
Now a day’s more number of International students is moving to UK for pursuing their studies. The UK Universities maintains a good quality of education and the UK degrees are globally accepted. But now foreign students are not allowed to stay after completion of their study they will be forced to send back to their home country. As per changes in April 2017 UK Visa and Immigration rules Stay back in UK is not so easy they are very strict & stringent.

In UK there is no stay back period after their study. Student has to build a good communication channel with other students and employers to find a good job. While studying if a student gets a job offer of £20,800 per year then only students are allowed to stay back in UK. And he should not be a:

  1. Self employed
  2. A Professional entertainer or sports person
  3. A doctor in training
  4. A student can’t take a permanent vacancy

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Study and work in UK for Indian students – Stay Back in UK
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