Stay Back Facility for Students

Why study in Germany? Abroad Study Consultancy also guides you with each passing year, the number of international students moving to Germany for pursuing their higher studies is constantly increasing. The reason for this is that German Universities are well known for their quality of education, a globally accepted German degree certificate and finally low/ no tuition fees. Usually international students after completion of their education are unsure about staying or working permanently in Germany. Such students are given an opportunity to stay back for 18 months so that they can apply for a suitable permanent employment there.

Eventually, these students can apply for permanent residence after two years. The stay period starts once a student has completed the final exam and the results have been issued in writing. So it is better for students to secure a job through job fairs, employment agencies, campus requirements by the end of their final semester. Once they get a Job, they should apply for a work permit at the Employment office.

Initially for international students, a resident permit for six months is issued which allows them to stay anywhere across the Schengen countries. Once a student meets the criteria of permanent employment, he/she can either apply for a permanent residence permit or for the EU Blue Card. In order to get a Blue card, the annual salary of the student should be a minimum of $ 59, 000/p.a and the student must have a job offer. If the Student meets these two criteria, then they can obtain a permanent residence permit after two or three years. If not, they have to take an approval from the Federal Labor Agency for continuing their employment in Germany. The EU Blue card is issued to international students who have completed their degree in Germany and those who are yet to get their Germany citizenship. This card is issued to highly qualified individuals and it allows them to live and work in Germany.