Fee Structure in Ireland – Ireland universities fees for international students

ireland universities fees for international students

Courses, colleges, universities and Fees details – apply for higher education in Ireland.

Academic higher education expenses are based on the subjective course, the university and also depends if he/she is a EU resident or non-EU resident. Fees vary also in each university so to be sure please check up with the chosen college prior applying.

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It is mandatory to pay course fees for non EU pupils at varsities and graduate schools in Ireland. The fee amount depends on the institution and type of study course undertaken. One has to check with the concerned college for the exact course fees charged there.

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Undergraduate Study Program Costs for Non EU

The range for academic course fees for the year 2016/2017 for Non EU undergraduate courses in universities at Ireland.

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Approximate course fees:

Medicine and related studies 37,128 to 52,000 Euros
Engineering studies 10,000 to 21,600 Euros
Science & Technology department 10,000 to 21,600 Euros
Arts & Humanities department 10,000 to 16,500 Euros
Business courses 10,000 to 16,000 Euros


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Academic Costs for Post graduate courses for Non EU

Course expenses change considerably based on the varsity and the study course. Course costs are revised every year, and it is necessary to check with the College you are aspiring to study in.

Academic fees for academic year 2015/2016, for non-E.U. Post graduate students at a university in Ireland fall approximately in the range given below are:

Average academic fees

Medicine and related department 12,035 to 51,635 Euros
Engineering studies 10,500 to 19,500 Euros
Science & Technology department 10,500 to 18,000 Euros
Arts & Humanities courses 10,500 to 20,000 Euros
Business studies 10,500 to 30,000 Euros

Courses in English Language

Language Training

Course costs in English in Ireland is based on the course offering school and the level of the programme.

One can get a rough idea about the cost of these language training courses. Costs change with every academic year, therefore it is vital to check fee charges with language training centres you want to learn the language at.

Type of Course Course details Average Cost
Standard General English course lessons every week-20 150 to 250 Euros / week
1 on 1 Tuition 45 to 60 Euros / hour
Examination Preparation Programmes lessons every week- 20 700 to 950 Euros /4 weeks
International Foundation English Course 6500 to 13,200 Euros

Scholarships for International students

Several scholarships are awarded to international students from different sources ,like some set up by the Irish Government, the universities offering higher academic courses and a few other organizations. These are

These are earned by meeting the requirements set down by the respective institutions and the eligibility criteria is solely decided by the respective boards of these organisations. The students who are interested in earning scholarship are requested to get in touch with officials from the university or organisation for which they are interested to apply for, to get updated and precise information regarding the criteria for scholarship.

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