Why study in New Zealand? How to study and work in New Zealand?

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New Zealand is one of the most beautiful country in the world, it is such unique place to have new experiences and new adventures. New Zealand offers world class education with an excellent, centrally managed quality assurance system. And the universities are providing world class education. Their education system is very well organized, upgraded, and innovative. They are maintaining international qualified standards and they are well equipped and convenient campuses.

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Why study in New Zealand? The universities of New Zealand are internationally recognized by offering world class teaching and excellent education standards, along with these they have high quality of services and research facilities for the international students. They provide perfect mix of a modern international society that exists in perfect synchronization with the country’s outdoorsy lifestyle.

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All eight universities of New Zealand were in the top 100 in the at least one subject as per 2015/16 QS world Ranking and the New Zealand Universities amongst the world’s top 50 for teaching accounting and finance, business and management, computer science, agriculture and forestry, veterinary science, civil and structural engineering and nine other important disciplines.

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New Zealand is also having 18 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs). They provide professional as well as vocational education and training programmes. In Vocational training they are focusing more on practical experience and applications which will help to the profession.

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The following are the reasons for considering higher Education in New Zealand

  1. The New Zealand is welcoming international students to study and it is family friendly
  2. The economy is incredibly stable and the cost of living is also lower compare to other countries
  3. Government is more stable and less contrary than the governments that you will see in the other countries
  4. The New Zealand is amazing for their educational system. Tuition fees are lowest compare to the other countries in the world. You get a British-based education at a low cost (due to their British influences)
  5. The New Zealand degrees are recognized around the world and they are up-to-date & practical in nature so as to provide high quality education international students
  6. They are best in providing good support service for international students in the world. They have a lot of expertise and experience in helping out the international students so that they can complete their study easily
  7. There are too many job opportunities available for international students. So that students can do part time jobs and gain the practical knowledge
  8. In the education they are using advanced technology for training the international students
  9. You can explore many things in New Zealand. The New Zealand students can experience all four seasons in a day, it is land of the long white cloud. It is located on the most mountainous regions in the world and the students can experience the weather that typically ranges from the 50s to low 70s throughout the year along with chance of random rain
  10. Employer’s around the world respect and value New Zealand’s education system. The students have ability to balance academic achievements with skills, the students more creative and innovative in nature, thinks flexible who are capable at both practical and theoretical levels
  11. The education system is regulated with strong quality assurance system across the board. By providing wide variety of subjects and specializations to the international students
  12. In New Zealand you may find some cities are cheaper to live. You can stay in hall of residence, or take house on rent with friends, board in a home stay i.e live with New Zealand origin family
  13. Transporation is also very good in the country, the students can travel by bus, walking or biking

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