Getting Work Permit in UK

Getting Work Permit in UK
Why study abroad in UK? The UK is providing best education to the students. UK continues to have, by some margin, one of the strongest universities in the world. And they have second strongest university in the world after the US. They are extremely well at providing a global level quality research, in the attractiveness of their courses. The UK universities are outward looking, internationally linked and welcoming for talented students from across the world. But in case of work permit for international students it is following stringent rules and regulations.

If you are studying in UK means you have to apply a study visa that is tier 4 visa after that you are applying for work then you have to apply for other visa and follow some UKVI (UK visas and Immigration) rules. There are different work visas, they are

Tier 1 Visa:

These visas are issued for entrepreneurs, investors, and the very few people who come under the ‘exceptional talent’ visa. But these post study work visa is abolished in 2012, now they allowed students to stay back in the UK for two years after completing their course to be capable to work and earn some money before returning to their home country.

Tier 2 Visa:

This category is for trained, skilled, expert and capable workers from outside the UK with a job offer in the country. Tier 2 visa rules are very strict, they provide these visa to only these category workers who are having have minimum salary of £25,000 to £30,000 per year and for new entrant it is £20,800 as per April 2017 UK immigration rules and every year these figure changes.

Tier 3 visa:

These is a new visa category is for lower skilled workers to come to the UK to fill job shortage. These workers come for shorter period to employers help for temporary labour shortages. An example likes construction they hire workers from abroad because of local labour shortages. But unfortunately Government has so far never allocated any visas under this scheme and you cannot apply for this visa.

Tier 5 Visa:

These category visas allows graduates to gain experience for work, in the form of training schemes or paid internships, provided they are paid the national minimum wage as per government of UK. Every year many young people come to work in UK on working holidays.

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