Visa Process in UK – Visa requirements for UK

visa requirments for uk

An international student who wishes to pursue his/ her degree in UK, for that a valid student visa is mandatory. For applying student visa in UK there are set of rules and standards. Along with that you have to attach required set of documents. Once the student receives an admission letter from the selected university, immediately he/she must start the applying for the visa. The student can apply for visa 3 months before commencement of the course. Sometimes your course provider may be willing to help you apply a student visa once you have been offered a place of your study.

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  1. To study in UK, students can apply tier 4 visa that is student visa in UK. These visas are offered to 4-17 years students and who want to study in only independent schools of UK
  2. If any student wants to study short course in UK and he/she over 16 years old, he will be eligible for the short term study visa. That is valid only for 6 months and it can be extended for a stay of up to 11 months for English language courses.

Once a student has selected the University of his Own Choice then they must undergo for the visa approval process. The UK visa is issued based on points, 40 points should be required to study in UK. The points are based upon the valid Confirmation of Acceptance for studies from a wholly licensed Tier 4 Sponsor (30 points) and the financial statement of the income so that student must have enough money for his course and monthly living costs (10 points).

In some cases students are required to check level of English language ability by taking up an exam called Secure English Language Test (SLET) from an approved test provider. If student is not performed as per the standard required in the immigration rules then he will refuse his application or refuse his permission to enter in the UK.

Along with that you are required to provide current passport, recently photographs, all marks cards and documents, Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs) which includes scan of your finger prints, Health Surcharge that is mandatory in UK you have to pay for these 150 ponds for a year.

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