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Scuola Politecnica Di Design 2019 Intake

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Scuola Politecnica Di Design 2019 Intake

Scuola Politecnica Di Design 2019 Intake. Applications Open at Scuola Politecnica Di Design SPD, Italy !!

Salient Features:

  • Scuola Politecnica Di Design SPD, places a great emphasis on the practical approach.
  • The studio classes, carried out in collaboration with companies and institutions, represent the culmination of the programs and express the professional quality of the students’ creative production.

Courses Offered:

Master’s Courses:

  1. Masters in Industrial Design
  2. Masters in Interior Design
  3. Masters in Transportation-Car Design
  4. Masters in Visual Design
  5. Masters in Web Design and Multimedia Design

Dual Specialization Master’s Courses:

  1. Masters in Web and Visual Design
  2. Masters in Industrial  and Interior Design

Foundation Courses:

  1. Product Design
  2. Visual Design
  3. Car Design Tools

Eligibility Criteria:

For all Master’s Courses: Offered to students with a design background, with a specific degree or a work experience in the design sector.
For Foundation Courses: The one year Course prepares students to attend the Master’s course and it is intended for students who have a degree not directly relevant to the specialist path of interest.


For all Master’s Courses: 15 Months
For Foundation Courses: 12 Months

Tuition Fees:

For Master’s Courses: Euros 15900
For Dual Specialization Courses: Euros 20900
For Foundation Courses: Euros 10900

Intake: October

No IELTS required !!
No Application Fees !!


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