Part Time Jobs in New Zealand – Part time jobs for students in New Zealand

part time jobs for students in new zealand

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New Zealand is providing good education to international students. Some of the leading Universities attract international students to the country. There are a variety of part time job options available for the international students. It consistently ranks among the top 20 countries in the world for happiness and peaceful living. With the help of strong government they are ensuring the best for its people, and the education system is one of the finest in the world. New Zealand is one among the few countries in the world to set up a “code of practice” for institutions admitting international students. This shows that the interests of the international students are protected by the country.

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International students on a student visa are permitted to work part time up to 20 hours a week during classes and full time on holidays. The international students must work as a worker or employee with an employment agreement, and not as an independent contractor, and they aren’t allowed to be a self employed. Students of masters by research or doctoral at institutions may work full-time while they are studying. Along with that international students have to pay the tax to the New Zealand government, to pay the tax students need to apply for the IRD (Inland Revenue Department) Number.

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Part time jobs can really aid to pay for some extra bills or fund for leisure activities, for travelling and day to day expenses. When you are searching suitable job you have to take several things in to mind, such as the laws, rules and regulations of that country for international students.  As an international student, working part time will help you to meet new people, improve your language skills and give you some valuable experience. Along with these you need to take care your study & your job should not interrupt your studies.

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International students can work in Cafes, Bars, Call Centers, Campus library, and also student can work as Data-entry work, as Translation assignments, Attendant in super-markets, Attendant in small restaurants, Retail sales assistant etc. Apart from these, students get a chance to do their internships which could be either being paid or unpaid. Through these internship programs students get exposure in real time work environment. The minimum wage to the employees on the training period is as follows (before tax) $11.40 an hour, $91.20 for an 8-hour day, or $456.00 for a 40-hour week.

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Part Time Jobs in New Zealand – Part time jobs for students in New Zealand