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free education in germany for Indians
Master Programs Germany for International Students who want to study in Germany. There are many institutions, Colleges and Universities for higher education in Germany.

There are 16 federal states in Germany and each one has a unique education policy of its own. Thus tuition fees vary depending on the state and the university you choose to pursue higher education. Information regarding the fees for higher academic studies is provided here.

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Earlier to October 2015 some of the federal states would collect tuition fees, but right now higher education at public Universities in Germany don’t charge fees. But one has to pay fees for some post graduate studies here. In the meanwhile, in the states of Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Hesse, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony, Saxony, and Thuringia, an administration fee of 50 EUR per semester is charged for all students.

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Tuition fees in Germany generally have two parts. The education fee is called Studiengebühren and ranges between 0-500 Euros each semester set separately by each university. Administration fee is an added charge called as Semesterbeitrag that also involves charge for the General Students Committee (AStA), charge for the Studentenwerk (which takes care for student homes and food) and in most cases a( obligatory) public transport semester ticket for conveyance in and around the city in which the university exists.

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Overview of the fee charges for all the 16 federal states. The listed fees are subject to conditions which may change. Check the university website you intend to pursue studies.

1. Baden-Württemberg

Every university of Baden Württemberg charge an academic fee (Studiengebühr) of 500

Euros each semester. Excluding this, a Semesterbeitrag of 40-120 Euros is charged every semester, that depends on the university. You may be exempted from fees if you come under any of these categories.

  1. International students hailing from home countries or home universities with a special agreement
  2. Topper students
  3. students pursuing PhD
  4. Students with disability

Students who are bringing up a child (lesser than 14 years of age).

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2. Bayern (Bavaria)

Universities here collect an academic fee in the range of 300 and 500 Euros every semester. Right now, however most universities are collecting the an amount of 500 Euros. A Semesterbeitrag fee of generally, 50 Euros is collected. Students who come under the below categories are exempted from paying the fees

  1. Students who have an additional responsibility of raising a child (lesser than 18 years of age)
  2. International students from some countries
  3. Up to 1% of the pupils of every university based on their performance in studies.

3. Berlin

Here, there are no academic fees for students. But a Semesterbeitrag
Amounting to 267 Euros every semester is charged, that precludes public conveyance with no charge in Berlin.

4. Brandenburg

Here too there are no academic fees. Based on the institution, a Semesterbeitrag between 200-250 Euros is charged and it involves a Semesterticket for free public conveyance.

5. Bremen

The tuition fees are nil for the majority of students in Bremen. But if one pursues studies for greater than 14 semesters or 7 years, a charge of 500 Euros is collected every semester. In addition to this fee students have to pay about 220 Euros as Semesterbeitrag which involves a Semesterticket for free public conveyance in all Bremen.

6. Hamburg

Tuition fee here used to be 375 Euros. The winter season
semester 2012/13 onwards, tuition fee that is charged is nil. Semesterbeitrag of269 Euros is collected by the Universität Hamburg currently, that also includes a Semesterticket for free public conveyance in all of Hamburg.

7. Hessen

No tuition fees are charged here. The Semesterbeitrag varies in all universities and the maximum amount may add up to 267 Euros as In TU Darmstadt College. It includes a free Semesterticket for government transport here.

8. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

There are no tuition fees here. Semesterbeitrag is also nominal ranging from 40 to 130 Euros per semester.

9. Niedersachsen (Lower-Saxony)

An academic fee of 500 Euros for each semester is charged here. In case you exceed the regular study duration by studies five semesters or more, this fee is hiked to 600-800 Euros every semester. Semesterbeitrag exceeds 300 Euros per semester, however it entitles you to use public transport free of cost in entire Niedersachsen.

10. Nordrhein-Westfalen (North Rhine-Westphalia)

Tuition fees have been exempted from 2011. The Semesterbeitrag
ranges from 100 to 250 Euros. You can use public transport free of cost in the entire North Rhine-Westphalia region with the semester ticket provided additionally with it.

11. Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate)

Here no tuition fees are charged for studies completing studies in the regular duration. But for those students who exceed this regular time by 75% an extra fee of 750 Euros is charged every semester.

12. Saarland

Higher studies for foreign students is free of cost here.
The Semesterbeitrag of 149 Euros are charged as Semesterbeitrag that consists of a Semesterticket which enables the student to use public transport for free in all of Saarland.

13. Sachsen-Anhalt (Saxony-Anhalt)

No tuition charges are collected in Sachsen-Anhalt if the student completes his/her studies in the regular allocated time. But he has to pay 500 Euros every semester if he exceeds more than 4 semesters of the regular duration of the course.

14. Sachsen (Saxony)

No academic fee is charged here. Semesterbeitrag is 110 Euros in Leipzig where you may opt for Semesterticket for free public transport, and 220 Euros in TU Dresden, here a semester ticket is included in the fee.

15. Schleswig-Holstein

No charges for tuition in universities here. Semesterbeitrag is around 100 Euros and precludes a Semesterticket for public conveyance at no cost. Master Programs Germany.

16. Thüringen (Thuringia)

Like Sachsen-Anhalt, no tuition charges are collected here as well if you complete the studies in the regular duration. If the stipulated duration is exceeded by 4 or more semesters a fee of 500 Euros is charged every semester for the long term. Master Programs Germany.


In addition to the academic and administrative costs student will have to bear the food and living expenses. It may cost up to 7000 Euros every year for food, accommodation and academic books.

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